Sports Medicine

Effective Treatment and Medicine for Sports-Related Injuries

Trauma-Induced Sports Injury

The surgeons at Augusta Orthopedic Surgery provide treatment for common overuse and trauma-induced sports injuries. Whether you’re a student or professional athlete, you’ll receive personalized care.

Treatment may include arthritis medicines, therapy, home exercise programs, activity modifications, and injections. Our doctors may even recommend surgery for some conditions. Read on to learn more about our orthopedic surgery.
Sports injury

What to Expect With Your Orthopedic Surgery

Once we determine that you’re a candidate for surgery, we’ll review the possible risks associated with your particular procedure and surgery, in general. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medicines and ask you not to eat or drink anything after midnight or the night before your surgery.

Our surgeons employ a minimally invasive, arthroscopic technique in many procedures related to sports injuries, especially those involving the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, and elbow joints. Arthroscopy requires a smaller incision and uses pencil-sized instruments equipped with a camera to repair joints or other conditions, generally resulting in a faster recovery time.

Most sports medicine procedures are considered outpatient procedures. This means that you’ll be able to return home the same day after the surgery. Before you leave, we’ll instruct you on what medicine to take for pain control and whether or not you’ll need to follow-up with any physical therapy.
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We use state-of-the-art medical devices and products from industry leaders such as NuVasive, Euflexxa, and DePuy.
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